Mariacristina was born in Trieste, Italy, not far from Venice.  She has an important career in Italy in both television and features, which we will cite in a moment.

In America, MariaCristina has played major roles in international co-productions of American and European networks: “Jesus” for CBS,  “Paul of Tarsus” for TNT,  “Hercules” for NBC, “Law and Order” for NBC, and “Barabbas” for Reelz Channel.   These films played in prime-time also on RAI Uno in Italy and every major channel across Europe. She appeared in “Law and Order” opposite Alfred Molina and a recurring role on the comedy series “Backpackers” for CW Network. She is part of the cast on the fourth season for the post-apocalyptic TNT hit series “The Last Ship” opposite Adam Baldwin, and she will be starring in the Comedic TV Movie “Rossi & White.”

In the American feature world, she appeared in “Angels & Demons,” directed by Ron Howard, she is part of the cast for the comedy movie “Senior Entourage” along with Ed Asner and Mark Rydell, and in the international feature market, she was one of the stars of Dario Argento’s Dracula,” and she is starring in the U.K. produced film “Battered Dreams.”

She also performs her comedy Stand Up and One Woman Show in Los Angeles and Rome with great success.

She is currently the presenter/host on “TELEITALIA LA,” the Italian network of Southern California (channel 18), where she hosts simultaneously in both English and Italian, and now she is hosting her own Show online: “The Strangers” on “Meet & Greet.”

Trieste, Mariacristina’s hometown, is a beautiful, complex,  multi-ethnic city on the northeastern border of Italy. She was exposed to a mixed background of Italian and middle European cultures throughout her childhood.

She began her acting career at 19 years old working for RAI radio and on the live stage,  experiencing the  Commedia dell’Arte…. the traditional Venetian masks of comedy and satire.

She earned a degree at the Acting School of Bologna run by legendary Alessandra Galante Garrone, who taught the method invented by the amazing Jacques Lecoq.

She worked in the theatre for several years, in leading roles in major Italian productions. In Milan, she became an on-air presenter for  RAI radio while modeling for Italian designers: Moschino  Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and the French companies Capuccine-Puerari and Tehen.

Soon she was hired by Raimondo Vianello, an Italian star,  for his Channel 5 sitcom ”Casa Vianello,” the most successful sitcom ever produced in Italy.  MariaCristina played “ Valeria,” the tempting young woman living on the top floor, constantly flirting with Raimondo’s character.  This nationally televised character on a hit television show gave her early success.

She moved to Rome to pursue a cinema career, where she quickly received major roles with Italian masters:  Pupi Avati, Dario Argento, and Alessandro Benvenuti.  She has had starring roles in many television series, both drama and comedy; such as “Incantesimo,” “Diritto di Difesa,” Anti-Drug Squad,”” Good and Evil,” all for RAI, for Channel 5 “Tutti per Bruno,” “Nonno Felice,” “Cascina Vianello” ….and many others.

She recently acted in French for director Stephane Giusti in “Odysseus,” a French/Italian co-production television series on Arte’ and RAI Uno, and she is starring as Carla Petrucci in the Italian feature film GOVERNANCE – Tutto ha un Prezzo, directed by  Michael Zampino.

Maria Cristina is completely fluent in English & Italian; she speaks Spanish some French & Serb Croatian. She often works in voice-over and dubbing assignments.

She was invited to study at the world-famous Actors Studio West in Hollywood with Martin Landau and joined the Comedy experience; Improvisation, Stand Up and Sketch Writing at the West Side Comedy Theatre (Second City) in Santa Monica. She also studied with Ivana Chubbuck at her studio in Hollywood.

She is a SAG-AFTRA member & a permanent US resident.

She loves comedy and invents funny characters but also loves to bring to the audience’s attention the reality of life in drama. She believes actors are born to be the voice of the people, and it is their mission to help the world to become a better place.
She lives in Los Angeles and Rome with her husband and their thirteen-year-old daughter.